Fotografía profesional Post-bodas



The big day

The Post-wedding

Enjoy the cocktails and your guests by making the photo-shooting another day, without stress, a relaxed environment contributing towards the time we need to get fresh, creative and artistic images.

Normally, the photo-shooting of the couple is made directly after the ceremony, during the cocktails. However, some couples prefer to enjoy this moment drinking cocktails with their guests, opposed to leaving their family and friends in order to take the pictures.

Our wish is to create and environment of relaxation, to breathe a little, drink a glass of cava with our guests and enjoy the delicious canapés while chatting with our loved ones.

By hiring this service you will have the opportunity to do so, with many other advantages: you will be able to devote all your attention to the photographs, you will have more time for more creative/risky shots… due to the fact it will matter less, regarding access to places as well as environments that can dirty your dress or even make it tarnished.

As you can observe in this portfolio, these sessions are very original, creative and elaborate, there is a lot of time available, as a result, we get more attractive and a better array of quality regarding images.

We will have plenty of time to do the photo-shooting, so we can visit different places on the island , and you will have a wider diversity displayed within your images.

If you are also thinking of having a video, it is recommended to add this service here, in order to record more elaborate shots that require focus and contributing to a more artistic original flow.



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